Photo Stick Omni, read real reviews and ratings before buying

Before buying the Photo Stick Omni photo recovery let’s know the public’s experiences

Photo Stick Omni is a FLASH memory that has the three necessary connectors to be able to use it on USB, USB-C and Apple devices. It also has file recovery software pre-installed and you can buy it with the capacity to store between 64Gb and 256Gb. Let’s evaluate this product.

Scam or real product? This is the first question about Photo Stick Omni

In addition to the memory stick, this brand has licensed software that can be downloaded for Android and iOS in their corresponding stores. The Photo Stick Omni distribution company responds to any customer queries and complaints , and from our side it does not appear to be a scam.

What is Scamadviser’s rating for Photo Stick Omni?

Photo Stick Omni ScamAdviser review and opinions
With a score of 67/100 and hardly any reviews, it seems that Photo Stick Omni has barely been commented on on ScamAdviser.

In addition to this, for the number of years that the product has been on the market, not many reviews have been found on other famous networks.

We follow reviews from real Photo Stick Omni customers on TrustPilot

Photo Stick Omni TrustPilot review and opinions
A score of 2.5 out of 5 puts our overall score very low, we have read the reviews of real customers of Photo Stick Omni on TrustPilot and they are mixed with an older product of the company which is ThePhotoStick and that could alter these ratings.

In addition to this, all complaints are attended to in the language they are presented, and there are hardly any recent complaints.

Score of our website after reviewing Photo Stick Omni

We base our evaluations on a detailed analysis of the opinions of real users, taking into account that the percentage of complaints is always higher and the majority of satisfied customers do not send positive reviews.

Customer service.
Delivery speed
Photo Stick Omni review and opinions
We have tested Photo Stick Omni live and we can say that it is really easy to use, the software both to recover photos and videos and to organize all our files.

In addition to this, the new USB 3.0/SuperSpeed is very fast and allows all data to be downloaded in a short time.

Our personalized evaluation of Photo Stick Omni memory

We can give a general score of 7.9/10 for the product, although the reviews from real customers are not all positive, our experience has shown us that the product is good and that there is a real and responsive company, so which is not false.

In the same way as zQuiet and especially in the USA, although also in other countries, there are satisfied customers and we can say that Photo Stick Omni is not a scam.

Conclusion of this review on the Photo Stick Omni pillow

For those people who have doubts when making a purchase, we advise you to see more comments and ratings from real Photo Stick Omni customers and their reviews, in addition to the responses from the official website. You can contact with the official website via email or telephone.

Do you have problems with your Photo Stick Omni purchase and they don’t respond to you?

At our site we have no problem changing reviews when customers are not satisfied with the products. If you have any complaints when purchasing your Photo Stick Omni, do not hesitate to write to us at the following email: and we will try to help you.