Synoshi, read real reviews and ratings before buying

Before buying Synoshi let’s see what the public thinks about this

Synoshi is an electric household cleaning brush with a head that rotates at high speed, and which according to the reviews on the sales pages is perfect for cleaning any surface in the home. Let’s evaluate it in detail.

Scam or real product? This is the first question about Synoshi

When a product is a scam, it usually does not last long, we have analyzed the Synoshi distribution company and it has been working with several products, including the electric toothbrush for more than a year, when it comes to fake products it does not They tend to be on sale for so long.

What is Scamadviser’s rating for the Synoshi cleaning brush?

Synoshi ScamAdviser review and opinions
With 69/100, Synoshi’s rating by ScamAdviser is sufficient to provide reliability and trust to the purchasing website.

In addition to this, the only negative aspects that stand out are the location of the server and the fact that the business is considered to be active for a short time, without marking any reasonable doubt.

We follow reviews from real Synoshi customers on TrustPilot

Synoshi TrustPilot review and opinions
A score of 3.7 out of 5 can be considered high, reviews from real Synoshi customers on TrustPilot exceed 50% in terms of five stars, and there are few complaints.

In addition to this, from the company’s customer service, it can be seen that there has been a response to each and every one of the customer comments, providing solutions to their problems.

Score of our website after reviewing the Synoshi cleaning brush

We base our evaluations on a detailed analysis of the opinions of real users, taking into account that the percentage of complaints is always higher and the majority of satisfied customers do not send positive reviews.

Customer service.
Delivery speed
Synoshi review and opinions
We have tested the Synoshi electric toothbrush first hand and there is no reason to say that it is a bad product. It cleans well, the battery lasts the necessary time and is easy to handle.

In addition to this, the order arrived within the established time and we were able to track it easily, the email service took a while to respond to us.

Our personalized evaluation of the Synoshi cleaning brush

We can give a general score of 7.5/10 for the product, in addition to having the evaluations of real customers, this device, once the data is confirmed, has been on the market for more than a year and a half with an upward trend so There is no reason to think that Synoshi is some kind of scam.

Conclusion of this Synoshi review

If you are not sure whether to buy it or not, we advise you to see more comments and ratings from real Synoshi customers and in addition to their reviews, see the responses. You can also contact the official website via email or phone from all of this.

Do you have problems with the Synoshi electric toothbrush and they don’t respond to you?

At our site we have no problem changing reviews when customers are not satisfied with the products. If you have problems when purchasing the Synoshi electric toothbrush, do not hesitate to write to us at the following email: and we will try to help you.